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Return of the Matriarch/Intuition Revolution

September 06, 2022 Aimée Cartier Season 1 Episode 6
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Return of the Matriarch/Intuition Revolution
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You heard the trumpet call right ladies!? The one that came on June 24th, when Roe V Wade was overturned? The one that indicated in no uncertain terms that it is time for the narrative of who we are listening to and looking to as a society to change? Maybe you saw the, “This Is How A Woman Roars” post I made on that day.

I call today’s podcast episode, “Return of the Matriarch/Intuition Revolution.” It’s an embellishment of a talk I gave at a recent “Women Hold the Key” event this summer on Vashon Island where I live. It’s a talk I would happy to give near you if you have a place you would like me to come and speak or want me to Zoom in!

So have a listen.

I’m going to talk about what intuition has to do with matriarchy, what the headlines are showing me clearly —the importance of how we move forward, mother trees, asking BIG questions, and some qualities of the wisdom you’ve already got inside. I want you to be able to recognize your intuition when it speaks to you—so you too can help a new world be born.

All on today’s Own Your Intuition show.

Show Notes

Mik Kuhlman: http://www.mikkuhlman.com

World Renowned Speaker for the Trees: Diana Beresford-Kroeger: https://dianaberesford-kroeger.com

Women Hold the Key: https://www.whtk.us


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You heard the trumpet call right ladies!? The one that came on June 24th, when Roe V Wade was overturned?  The one that indicated in no uncertain terms that it is time for the narrative of who we are listening to and looking to as a society to change?  I call today’s episode, Return of the Matriarch/Intuition Revolution.  I’m going to talk about what intuition has to do with matriarchy, what the headlines are showing me clearly —the importance of how we move forward, mother trees, asking BIG questions, and some qualities of the wisdom you’ve already got inside.  I want you to be able to recognize it when it arises—so you too can help a new world be born.


Do you crave clarity and insight?  Do you sense that your intuition is trying to tell you important things, but you have a hard time trusting it?  Do you want access to your own internal  wisdom, and to understand how it operates so that you can guide your life in ways that are meaningful and satisfying?  

 Well then, welcome, I’m glad you are here.

 I’m your host, Aimée Cartier.  I’ve been a professional psychic, since around 2007.   I’m the author of the book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.”  I’ve been teaching others to understand and use their own intuitive and empathic abilities for more than a decade.  

 Join me each week for true stories and tools that will inspire you to take seriously, your own inner knowing—that internal sense that you have uniquely tailored to YOU and designed to not only set you on the roads that are best for you but also help you avoid the ones that are treacherous. 

 It’s time for you to OWN YOUR INTUITION.


One day when I was standing in a grocery store with my kids—a local co-op just off the Tacoma ferry.  I told them that they could each pick out a bubbly water.  My daughter was taking what I considered a crazy long time to decide– by my impatient adult standards.  So I leaned down and said to both of my kids—"Do you want to know an easy way to decide what is your best course of action—or in this case, which flavor of bubbly water it would be best for you to get?”  They were both eager.  I taught them the practice, which I teach my adult students too—I call it breath test.  Using the water—pick up the coconut flavored bubbly water.  Say to yourself something like, “It is best for me to get this bubbly water.” Then take a breath.  Set the coconut down and pick up the peach water.  Say inside, “It is best for me to get this peach bubbly water.”  One breath will feel more open than the other.  It will be deeper.  Or your chest will feel more open.  That is the one to choose.  

 We call it the breath test.  We use it in our family all the time.

 A few years later, a woman named Amy Mercer, who is my children’s reading teacher said to me—"I’ve got to tell you a story about your daughter Atalie.”  Amy gives stuffies out for prizes and birthdays for her students.  One day Amy was dishing out these coveted stuffies and by the time it was Atalie’s turn all of the ones that she had really wanted were already taken.  So Amy said to her—you know I have more at my house.  You’ll be there tomorrow—so if you want to pick one of these you can, otherwise you can wait to choose one from what is at my house tomorrow.  

 “Just a sec.” Atalie said.

 And Amy described how in the middle of the hubbub of kids scrambling for stuffies and talking about what they got and what they hoped to get, Atalie closed her eyes and checked in with herself.  (She was actually doing her breath test.)  Amy Mercer told me, “When I saw her do that, my first thought—it came unbidden—was, “We are ALL going to be okay.”

 A little girl is following her inner wisdom, despite what is happening around her.

 For a long time, I’ve felt us moving back toward a matriarchal way of being.  I’ve noticed it in myself in little ways.  I’m interested in hearing from the ladies.  I’m interested in knowing what they are saying.  I find I seek out women led businesses.  When there is a talking man head on the channel, I often change it!  I don’t have anything against men.  I know many stellar men, I’m married to one, I carried one in my womb—but likely, as many of you, I feel the time has come to change the narrative of who we are listening to as a society—and furthermore how we are operating as a society.  And I feel that as a woman named Tina Shadduck, on my island has coined in her organization says, Women Hold the Key.

 This patriarchal world we’ve been living in is relatively new.  I think it’s important that we don’t loose sight of that.  Matriarchal societies thrived for thousands of years before this era we are living in.  We are talking about a return to something that has been.  About using our innate wisdom—wisdom from the mother (meaning women—you don’t have to be a mother) wisdom from the mother incorporates the sovereignty of all beings because all genders come from our wombs.  We look after our own, knowing that all are our own.

 Recently I was at a spectacular performance called, “Standing Nation” by an artist named Mik Kuhlman.  We were outside—sitting under a giant tree for this performance.  She talked about “Mother Trees,” a term that the Irish Scientist Diana Beresford-Kroeger coined.  Diana detailed how much the mother trees do for the forest.  They have a large radius of protective ability.  They produce a huge blanket of amino acids and natural chemicals that help care for and nurture the forest around them.  Mother trees are epicenters of life and vitality.  They protect their seedlings and the saplings around them.  What they do can even be linked to patterns that exist in the ocean. 

 As Mik explained, “The mother tree also doesn’t worry that it is enough—it just does.”

 Despite what you may see in the world—or the headlines— or the crazy scrambling around you for “stuffies”— what I see and feel is that we are no longer moving toward that time of the return of the matriarch.  We are in it.  What we do now makes what happens for many years to come.  How we become mother trees so to speak and or respond to them is important in creating the whole.

 I felt the balance shift when Roe V Wade happened.  I wanted to speak about that today because I don’t want you to get disheartened by what you are seeing in the news – or feel the erroneous belief that we are powerless—even if it seems as if something that is by rights ours has been taken away from us.  We are sovereign—as all beings—no matter gender, skin color, sexual preference, or age. 

 Now, more than ever it’s important to stay established in that truth.  You know it in your body.  

 An old world is dying, because it is time for a new one to be born.  Sometimes, in the throes of death we see the most violent desperate acts—acts like taking away the reproductive rights of sovereign being’s own bodies.

 But from my perspective, it has the opposite effect.  I feel it as a rallying cry—I think of it like a horn— trumpeting—that it IS TIME for the women to lead the way.

 You are listening to the Own Your Intuition radio show/podcast.  I’m your host psychic and author Aimée Cartier. 
And today we are exploring the return of the matriarchy and what intuition has to do with it.
I’ve been teaching women for years to understand and harness their own intuition— it’s something that every woman (every person really) has inside.  And what happens naturally when you learn to listen to your inner knowing is that you begin to trust it.  YOUR EXPERIENCE shows you that it is useful, and good, and practical, and leading you again and again to big and little soul-satisfying experiences– with ease.

 Right now, your intuition is more important than ever.

 For two reasons: we are in the time period right now that I call the collective.  I’ve referenced this before in another episode.  The old paradigm of the Hero’s Journey—the waiting for THE ONE, or hoping to BE THE ONE is over.  

 To build a new world in which we are proud to live it’s going to take US ALL.  Each of us doing our part in whatever small or large way it is given to us to do.  It ALL matters.

 Another one of my new favorite quotes also came from Mik Kuhlman’s performace.  You can see that this performance was really impactful to me.  I think Mik’s going to be taking it on the road in the next year or two—so I would go now and get on her mailing list.  And/or send a request for her to do this performance piece in your area of the world.  It’s truly spectacular.  I’ll put the link to her website in the show notes.

 Mik quoted an American Evolutionary Biologist named, Lynn Margulis.  Lynn said, “Life didn’t take over the world by combat—but by networking.”

The second reason your intuition is so important right now—is that creating a new future, righting wrongs, forging something new (and old) at the same time is going to take some unconventional choices and vision.  Your intuition is the fastest way to get you out-of-the-box ideas.  Insight or actionable steps you haven’t heard of or thought of before can arrive at lightning speed into your intuition, no degree necessary.

 That means, we need you at the ready.

When you hear that subtle voice of your inner knowing, you’re going to have to be brave enough to trust it, to act on it,

 When I was about to marry my husband—we were in Mexico.  I think it was my soon-to-be mother-in-law who suggested we have a ladies brunch at some time in the week before the wedding.  I loved the idea.  But when it came time to do it, I realized that the only time we had to do it was the day before the wedding.  It was also the only day I had to collect myself before making this change.  

 I had been surrounded by people all week. I need alone time to rejuvenate. I had laundry to do and my bags to pack so that my soon-to-be-husband and I could move to our private honeymoon apartment that afternoon. I also knew I wanted my wedding experience to feel spacious and lovely. I wanted to have enough time to do what I needed to do and to spend some moments with myself before I made this momentous bond.

So I skipped my own bridal brunch.

When my dad saw me doing my laundry, while all the ladies were out eating omelets together, he looked at me puzzled.  

 “Why did you stay home?”

 I replied simply, “I just needed this time to myself. I didn’t want to feel rushed or like I didn’t have time to do what I needed to do. And this was the only window of time I had to make these things happen. It felt important to me.”

 No one was the worse for wear.  ALL the ladies had a good time getting to know each other at the brunch.  I saw pictures and heard tales.  And I got what I needed—the space I wanted to get grounded before I started the next phase of my life.

 If I can skip my own bridal brunch.  You can make whatever unconventional choices that you need to too. 

 So let’s talk about what it is going to look like when your intuition is speaking to you:

 Your intuition is subtle.  It will speak to you softly.  It may provide an inkling.  If you are waiting for a booming voice from the Divine—you are likely to be waiting a very long time.  

 You don’t need a “reason” to trust it.  Your intuition is reason enough alone.  (A subject of a previous podcast—so if you need inspiration there, tune into episode number three of the Own Your Intuition Show for true stories to inspire you there.  If you need to explain your decision to others, you can say something honest like, “I’m not really sure why—it just feels right to me.”

 Sometimes it looks like an impulse to do things “out of order” either not the way you usually would, or not the way other people think you should, or in some illogical fashion.  Sometimes this “out of order” impulse will look like giving yourself more rest before you move toward accomplishing something, or saying “no” to something you would otherwise say yes to.  When this arises from inside—trust this.

 Your intuition can and will provide you with information it is beyond your brain—or your 5 senses capacity to know.  Just because this is the case—does not mean you should waste time doubting.

 It’s helpful to know that most of the time your intuition tells you THE NEXT STEP, it doesn’t give you the whole picture.  You get where you are going by taking the next step, then the next, then the next.  If you wait for the whole picture you will likely either be stymied, because it won’t come, or you will be disappointed.  That’s because sometimes the joy is in the discovery as you do the thing, or go to that place, or take that next step. 

 When I was first moving to the island where I live, I was driving by what is now called, PopPop, what was then called Bishops.  As I passed the marquee telling me that there was a band playing at 8pm I had an inkling to go there.  I felt a little pull toward it inside when I saw the sign in passing.  When I got there that evening around 8pm I nearly left.  The band was still setting up.  There was no one there.  I actually walked through the restaurant side where the band was playing and through the door to the bar side.  Seeing the bar, and also not feeling it as my scene, I walked straight out the back door.  A  man with dreadlocks who I’ve never seen before or since walked out after me.  He said, “I think you left too soon.  Come back in.  I’ll buy you a beer—and I’m not trying to pick you up.”  That was clear!  I agreed.  I followed him back in.  He bought me a beer.  Then, he sat me down with these two ladies, and said, “This is Aimée, she’s thinking of moving to the island.”  Then he walked away, going back to the game of pool he had been playing.  I never saw or spoke to him again.  By the end of the evening one of these two ladies had asked me if I could housesit for her, starting the very time my lease was up in Port Townsend where I was living at the time.  Not only that, as the conversation unfolded she offered to let me store my belongings in her garage while I found a place to live.  When I had the inkling to come here to this island, or even to that bar, I didn’t know that I would meet my husband here, that we would raise our kids here, that I would teach, write, and do readings in a studio he built me here on our property.  I knew only—go to this place.  Go to this bar.  The rest of the details unfolded in their due time.  

 I didn’t get the whole picture then, I got the next step.  I didn’t even know I was going to get storage in someone’s garage for my belongings, or a beautiful place to land!  That was all part of the fun.  Follow the voice of your inner guidance step by step and you’ll arrive.  You also won’t miss the joy.

 You’ll know the voice of your intuition because it is calm and neutral, or peaceful.  Even if what it is guiding you toward brings up emotion later.

 If you hear it in harsh tones, or frantic tones, or you-had-better-or-else tones, or what-will-people-think-of-me tones—that is NOT the voice of your inner knowing.  That’s your fear, that’s just your mammal brain doing what it does.

 And perhaps most importantly—when your intuition speaks to you, with ideas, or actions to take etc. you may not get validation from outside—even if you seek it.

This is important: The only way to get validation for what your intuition is telling you to do—is to do the thing it is directing your toward.  You get your validation by following through and seeing what happens.

Like going to Bishops that night.  Even if I had known anyone to ask—I probably would’ve gotten this response: “Aww, that band is lame—don’t go.” Or, “I don’t think that bar is your style.”  

I could give you many stories to illustrate these ideas.  I have done already in a few of my podcasts, and will do in the future in more of my podcasts.  I also have a free download you can get called, “What is intuition?  How to tell the difference between the voice of your intuition and your "fear-based" ideas.”  The link is in the show notes.  But I wanted to put this all into one episode right now because I want you to know what you can expect from your intuition—so that you can heed it’s voice when it calls you.

You are listening to the Own Your Intuition Show.  I’m your host psychic and author Aimée Cartier. 

And today we are exploring the return of the matriarchy and what intuition has to do with it.

With a little practice it becomes what I call a “no brainer” to listen to what your inner knowing is telling you.  You don’t have to think or vacillate.  When your inner knowing speaks, you listen, because life shows you that you win.

 In my book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life” I also detail a very simple process that anyone can use to get answers—but I’m going to break it down uber briefly here: when you ask questions, the Universe/Goddess/God/the Divine whatever name you refer to her by will respond.

So lately, as part of my desire to usher us peacefully and usefully into this next stage of society matriarch and sovereign—I’ve been asking big questions:

Questions like, “How can I help us align with a reality where the sovereignty of all beings are recognized?”

I’d like to put it to you that each of us have this power and something to offer into creating this whole.

Let us all be mother trees, or saplings, or neighbor trees who rise to the occasion.  The breath test technique—that was given to me many years ago by one of my Own Your Intuition students named Lindsay.  I was teaching how your body is a vehicle for your intuition when Lindsay told me about the breath test technique she had learned.  Thank you Lindsay on behalf of us all—and whoever showed that to Lindsay.  

We have it in us; we are each needed.  I’m hoping to inspire you.  You can see Mik’s performance inspired me—putting name and a specific flavor to some ideas that were floating around in my brain, completing a circle.  These other women scientists inspired her and Tess Clark, the woman who wrote the piece with Mik.  Another woman named, Suzanne Hubbard, let Mik perform on her property.  The first time I talked about what you just heard me say in today’s show was at an event held by Tina Shadduck and her organization called, “Women Hold the Key.”  Just like that, by doing whatever it is that we do, by networking and playing our part—we create a thriving whole.

It’s up to each of us. 

Follow your impulses…

Listen to the quiet, but neutral, or peaceful knowing you’ve got inside, even if it’s unconventional, or “out of order” or makes you think, “It is strange that I know that!”  Your intuition will lead us forward. One step, at a time.

 We’ve got this!


This is Aimée Cartier and you have been listening to the Own Your Intuition show.  

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