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When your intuition guides you to do things "out of order"

September 27, 2022 Aimee Cartier Season 1 Episode 9
Own Your Intuition Show
When your intuition guides you to do things "out of order"
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What if your intuition tells you to say no to an opportunity you would normally welcome—or it tells you to do something out of the logical linear way you might think was best?  Or it gives you the insight that even though you have VERY IMPORTANT things to do, you really need to rest?  What would you do?  On this episode we’ll be talking about this characteristic of intuition that often confuses or stymies people—those moments when the insight it gives you is not what you thought or seems “out of order or sequence” in some way.  I’ll also be talking about those time periods in life when you feel you are in an eddy!  Hands raised for anyone who has felt they were in an eddy in the last few years!?  I’m raising my hand by the way.  What’s important about those related to your intuition?  We’re going to find out on today’s episode of the Own Your Intuition Show.

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 Katelyn Danielle Costley – preventing and healing from work-acquired burnout for health care providers.

 Healing Temples- a one-day deep dive into replenishing, reflecting, and healing.

 The story of a woman who by following the currents of her life AND using her intuition discovered her life’s purpose.


What if your intuition tells you to say no to an opportunity you would normally welcome—or it tells you to do something out of the logical linear way you might think was best?  Or gives you the insight that even though you have VERY IMPORTANT things to do, you really need to rest?  What would you do?  On this episode we’ll be talking about this characteristic of intuition that often confuses or stimies people—those moments when the insight it gives you is not what you thought or seems “out of order or sequence” in some way.  Spoiler, when your intuition tells you to do it, out of order is a good thing.  In fact, it’s THE BEST thing.  I’ll show you.  I’ll also be talking about those time periods in life when you feel you are in an eddy!  Hands raised for anyone who has felt they were in an eddy in the last few years!?  I’m raising my hand by the way.  What’s important about those related to your intuition?  We’re going to find out on today’s episode of the Own Your Intuition Show.


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Do you crave clarity and insight?  Do you sense that your intuition is trying to tell you important things, but you have a hard time trusting it?  Do you want access to your own internal  wisdom, and to understand how it operates so that you can guide your life in ways that are meaningful and satisfying?  

 Well then, welcome, I’m glad you are here.

 I’m your host, Aimée Cartier.  I’ve been a professional psychic, since around 2007.   I’m the author of the book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.”  I’ve been teaching others to understand and use their own intuitive and empathic abilities for more than a decade.  

 Join me each week for true stories and tools that will inspire you to take seriously, your own inner knowing—that internal sense that you have uniquely tailored to YOU and designed to not only set you on the roads that are best for you but also help you avoid the ones that are treacherous.  

 It’s time for you to OWN YOUR INTUITION.


Hi, Welcome.  This is Aimée Cartier, psychic, author, intuition guide, and the host of the OYI show.  I want to start by saying thank you so much to those of you who’ve reached out to me to let me know that you are loving the Own Your Intuition Show.  Last week I got a text from my neighbor Betty who told me, “I just got a text from one of my clients who said, “Aimée’s podcast made me cry.  She’s so spot on.”  Then Betty detailed to me how she had the same experience—she said she was walking down the road listening to my podcast when something she heard made her stop in her tracks and let out a sobbing release of emotion.”  What I told Betty that night when she told me was – “That is THE highest compliment I can imagine.”  As a person who feels committed to putting into the world things of value—when I hear that what I am offering elicits tears or body releases—I just couldn’t ask for a better compliment.”  So thanks for the cheerleading to those of you who are reaching out to me to tell me about your experiences listening to the show.  I LOVE it, so much.  

For the last seven years, usually around this time of year you can find me at my computer tapping away as I prepare for the program I teach once a year with the same title as this show.  It’s called my Own Your Intuition program.  By now you know that I’m a professional psychic, you know that I teach classes, you know that I’m passionate about turning others onto the wisdom they have inside.  It’s for that reason I also wrote my book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.”  So I’m an author.  I speak on intuition and empathic ability and I’m the host of this radio show and podcast.  In my work life, a lot of what I do has me either with my phone headset on, or sitting at my desk tapping out words on my computer, OR sitting or standing behind a microphone—like I am right now. 

But what you may not know about me and my work is that I have always been committed to its organic growth.  For years, before I had a family, what that meant is that I did readings, taught, wrote, and did speaking engagements while holding down some other job.  My last job was as associate producer for a fantastic film called, “Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton.”  I did this until, that work prevented me from having the time I needed to see clients and teach.  At that moment I let go of the outside work.  Somewhere along the line—well in 2011, I became a mother.  And then my organic process with what I do meant allowing my work to shrink or expand as needed for me to fulfill my role as a mother, which was a full-time job during the years when my children were very small—and it was a role that I wanted to play in that way.  I still did readings, spoke, taught and wrote—but I did it according to what felt right to my schedule, instead of the other way around.  When my daughter, my second child was born in 2013, I decided I needed a four-year plan—primarily because I love my work, AND I knew that by the time my kids were in school I wanted my work to be supporting me.  I didn’t want to be re-building it up from scratch when I all of the sudden had more time because my kids were in school.  So I launched my Intuition University in 2015.  I did/do private programs, and group classes for those who have a hard time trusting their intuition and want to know how to use it to get results.  i.e. who want to be able to thrive under their own internal power!  I offered/offer my Own Your Intuition program once per year.  What you also probably don’t know is that a big part of this organic growth has meant that in addition to being a psychic and teaching, I am what is called a “Soloprenuer.”  That means.  I do the readings.  I create the content for the seven-month long classes I teach.  I alone am responsible for telling other people about these classes—meaning I write the emails and do the posts that tell people about what is coming up. 

Holy cow this is a long build up to the story I am trying to tell!  But I feel it gives important context.

In essence, thus far, I’ve been a one woman show.  I say, “Hit the symbols!” I hit the symbols. (sound effect) “Keyboard!” Do do do do do do .  Okay, I’m not in a band, obviously, as my sound effect talent may indicate!  But you get it.  One woman show.  I’ve been fortunate to have lots of cheerleading from my clients and students, but I do, ALL the things. 

How is this related to the point I want to make about how your intuition will sometimes tell you to do things that seem illogical or out of order?  Last May, when my last Own Your Intuition students graduated from my program, instead of just cleaning up which is what I usually do: make any notes of changes I want to make, create a file for the current graduates and the notes and experiences we’ve had along the way, and put them in my filing cabinet.  I was guided instead to write the emails for the next class—which was months away.  (That class starts tonight actually.)

Though it wasn’t the logical next step I felt compelled by intuitive instinct to do it.  I could see why in this case—because I was fresh from the phone calls and completion of the program and my students telling me what they got out of it.  They say the same things, EVERY TIME we wrap.  It’s different students every time—but their comments are the same.  “I now know I’ve got it all inside.”  “Wow, it feels so different to trust myself and know that my own intuition has got my back through ANY circumstance.”  (And sometimes my students are going through hard things when we are in class— I’ve had students go through serious health crises, including cancer diagnosis and successful treatment.  Or divorce and all that that entails.  Students who have been in process of making huge career changes or moving across the country, for example.)  When they are done with my program, whether they’ve been going through big transition or living life as usual, they have seen through their own experience how their intuition holds, steadies, supports, and guides them through IT ALL—whether it’s a big shift, or small but soul satisfying improvements.  They also say, “I now know that I am not alone—I have ethereal support (otherwise known as spirit guides) and experience that shows me it is easy and so useful to work with them— and how much better my life is when I do.” Or my fave simply, “I feel so empowered.”

This year, when the time came for me to start to talk about my Own Your Intuition program in emails, I was also doing a weekly podcast!  You remember what I just said right about how I  write the content, I record the shows.  I tell people about the shows.  I make the images, etc. etc.   One woman band.  You remember, that I also raise children.

Last May, (almost June) when we finished my Own Your Intuition course,  I did not know that when my next program started, I would be hosting a weekly podcast.  It actually wasn’t even on my radar.  (And I’ll talk more about that and life eddies and surges in a moment.)

What I did know was that I was excited about writing emails to tell everyone about it because I wanted more people to feel the way my students do when they are done.  I wanted to write about how empowered my students feel because I was (and always am) as excited about it as they are!

This August when it came time to think about telling everyone it was time to start Own Your Intuition again, and I was creating podcasts, and my kids were still home on summer holiday—I was like, “Wait!  I already did this! The bulk of this work is done.”

As I was sitting at my computer, searching for the file I would have put it in, it was like the clouds opened up and a ray of light shone on me.  Because I had followed my instinct to do things “out of order” I was able to do it all with ease.   

Today, we are talking about a quality that sometimes stymies or confuses people about their intuition and that is that it will sometimes look like an impulse to do things “out of order” or out of sequence, either not the way you usually would, or not the way other people think you should, or in some illogical fashion.  Sometimes this “out of order” impulse will look like giving yourself more rest before you move toward accomplishing something, or saying “no” to something you would otherwise say yes to.  

Here's what I want to say about this: When this arises from inside—trust this.  Your intuition, the benevolent ethereal support that you (and everyone has), your Highest Self knows far more about you, your life, and your trajectory or timeline than what I often refer to as your small self, or your animal self.  Regular old Aimée didn’t know a podcast was being launched and the details of its timing at that moment in May.  But my Highest Self did.  So she put me to the task.  My intuition told me, “Write the emails NOW, as opposed to the way you’ve done it for the last seven years—which is closer to the start of the program.”

This is Aimée Cartier, psychic, author, and intuition guide and you are listening to the Own Your Intuition radio show/podcast.  Today we are talking about a quality of your intuition that sometimes confuses people and that is when it prompts you to do something “out of order.”

As I said, sometimes this “illogical” guidance from your intuition involves resting or slowing down where normally you wouldn’t.  Many years ago, I had a particular period of time where I had a lot on my plate work wise all at once.  I was simultaneously launching a new Intuition University program AND preparing for a weekend of travel where I was driving to Portland, OR to give two different workshops.  It was all happening at the same time.  During that week, I was working late into the evenings on most nights, which I rarely do. But one night, as I got set to go out into my studio and work I felt very clearly in my bones, “That is not what is needed right now.”  I could sense that doing this would push me over an edge toward run down– something I did NOT want to be when I was going to be presenting for many hours over the weekend.  What I knew I needed instead was simply a night off.  So, of course I followed my intuition.  I rented a movie and watched it on the couch while eating popcorn with my husband.  

What happened was taking the time to give myself the rest I needed, instead of power through on my To Do list allowed me to maintain my balance and equilibrium– while launching a program and doing a weekend of speaking engagements.  Neither during nor after my weekend of teaching did my energy take a dive.  I felt good when I returned home and able to continue my progress on my program launch, with ease­.  

So, that’s an example where sometimes doing things out of order looks like saying no, or sometimes resting, even when there are a lot of important things on your plate.  In my experience it actually makes you more successful and productive later.  In fact, that reminds me of a book I read once where again science proved this.  You guys, I LOVE it when science proves things I know to be true by following my intuition and my instincts!  It’s just like fodder for any of you that are still having a hard time trusting the wisdom you’ve got inside.  This book is called, “Effortless.”  It’s by Greg McKeown.  He says, “physical and mental performance requires a rhythm of exerting and renewing energy.”  Or in other words, “Past a certain point, more effort doesn’t produce better performance, it sabotages our performance.”

I’ve noticed that because of the way our current Western culture sets up this– in my opinion unsustainable– notion that we should always be doing—that oftentimes following the cue to rest or say no when you might otherwise is hard for people.

Another time I was asked to do readings at a retreat in Port Townsend.  I love doing these retreats.  They are called Healing Temples.  And they are put on by a long-time friend of mine named Katherine Macomber Millman.  She does them all over—and teaches others to do them as well.  (She’s got some coming up in October on the East Coast too. I’ll put a link in the show notes to her upcoming Temples.)  Once she asked me if I would be willing to do readings at her healing temple (which I had done before) and loved.  When she asked me, I didn’t know why, but my intuition said “no”—so I declined.  As it happened, to my memory, the timing of the would-be healing temple ended up aligning with the beginning of COVID in Washington, and our whole state shut down.  The retreat did not happen.  As far as I know, because Washington was the first place to have known COVID cases we were the first to shut down.  I’m telling you that for context— because it was back in the days when we didn’t even know this was coming.  We weren’t used to anything being shut down yet—when one day we got the notice that all King County schools (the Seattle area where I live) were being shut down.  Because my intuition had told me, “No,” I didn’t have to waste any time preparing, or scheduling etc, for a retreat that in the end didn’t exist.  I didn’t know any of this at the time she asked me—I knew only that my intuition was NOT giving me a green light for doing it.  It was an “illogical” knowing—meaning that had I followed logic alone I would not have come to that conclusion.  By logic alone, I was turning down an opportunity to do something that I enjoyed and is wonderful for my work.  But as always, trusting my intuition, steered me right.

Along the same lines of doing things out of order, or following the intuitive impulses as they arise, I want to talk about being in an eddy.  Because I know I’m not alone in this experience of having been in an eddy for the last few years.   

In my case, for the previous three years I had the internal feeling of being in an eddy.  Three years ago I chose to put almost everything in my business on hold to support the needs of my family, specifically my neurodivergent child.  I know MANY (maybe even most) mothers experienced this in some degree with COVID and the shutdowns that happened then when suddenly families all over the world were homeschooling their kids.  But for me, I was already 5 months in to this extremely modified work schedule/full support of my children when COVID hit.  I kept my programs going and I kept seeing clients, but on a narrowed schedule. 

I should preference this with— in my work I have big plans.  I have no shortage of ideas about the ways in which I want to get the message into the world that YOU, yes YOU, whoever you are, have got everything it takes INSIDE to live and be guided to the life your soul is craving.  I’ve got books in the works.  I’ve got books ¾ done even!  I’ve got other programs I want to launch.  I’ve got speaking I am ready to do.  

And because of my commitment to the organic movement of my business, my prioritizing of my family, and to some extent the world, for the last three years I experienced myself as in an eddy.

So this is another thing about moving intuitively—you learn to move with the currents as opposed to blocking them.  You learn that the movement isn’t always linear and logical—but it works.  When it first happened that I needed to pull away from my work to support my family I had ALL the feelings—and of course I let myself have all the feelings.  But I also dropped in pretty quickly to total surrender to it.  And this is for several reasons really—generally speaking I find it very inefficient and a waste of my time, breath, and life force to fight a current that I cannot shift!  I was also choosing it, and I would make that choice all over again if I could return in time.  So despite it meaning that I had to put on hold everything that I had been working on and toward (books/programs etc) I did.  Because it felt like the way.

Then, as suddenly as I entered this eddy, which was one November day in 2019.  I got kicked out of it!  I still think my launch out of the eddy coincided with the overturning of Roe V Wade in this country (in late June 2022)—but regardless—it was an energetic shift.  To me it felt like I was kicked out of the eddy because I was needed elsewhere.  Suddenly the timing aligne.  My mom came for a week to hang with my kids.  In a week’s time, I suddenly had the bulk of work done on this empath on-demand course I’d been wanting to do for literally YEARS.  (It will be available by late October/early November by the way.)  I launched a podcast.  I started speaking all over again.  I still see reading clients of course, and my Own Your Intuition program launches tonight.  

I’m telling you all this for several reasons.  1. I don’t want you to discount it when your intuition is telling you to do something out of order— whether that means it is telling you to accomplish something way before it is needed, or asking you to rest, or if it is putting on hold something you were aiming toward— because in my experience your intuition is ALWAYS pointing you to THE BEST WAY.  And #2, Perhaps most importantly in this case, because I don’t want you disheartened if you have been (or will be again) in an eddy.  As far as I can tell, THIS happens in life.  Our journeys are perhaps always far more irregular in motion than we are taught to believe they will be.  It’s okay.  Don’t stress it.  It works out.

And just like that time when I took the night off when I could have been working, or said “No” to an opportunity I ordinarily welcomed— it doesn’t necessarily mean what you think.  We are so hard wired to linear movement and logic in this culture that we tend to think deviating from it in some way signifies our demise—when in my experience it doesn’t mean that at all.  It just means the necessary direction is somewhere else— AT THE MOMENT.  It doesn’t mean you are back at square one, or below zero! 

I have this card in my bathroom.  I bought it like 13 or more years ago and I kept it in its plastic to preserve it.  It’s by an artist named, Rachelle Donohue.  I keep it across from the toilet so that my eyes might rest on it frequently.  It’s a picture of a tree and it says underneath,

“What if you just KNEW that everything was working out perfectly?”

It’s a thought I sometimes rest in, when I’m in a moment where I can’t actually see how it’s going to work out yet, or I’m waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for something to arrive.  Maybe it will speak to you too.

“What if you just KNEW that everything was working out perfectly.”

That includes following your intuition to those moments where a rest is needed, following the current flow of your life, and doing things in whatever out of order or sequence way your inner impulse is leading you to.  Even then, but maybe especially then—because though it may throw your mind (or others) for a loop, it’s always the most graceful and brilliant way forward.  I could tell you lots more stories of this.  And in fact if you need more inspiration, check out my Instagram account @aimeecartier.  You’ll find a video I posted recently about one of my students who, in following the flow of her life, even when it looked like nothing was happening, AND in leaning into her own intuition with the tools I taught her, discovered her seemingly nebulous life’s purpose was right in front of her eyes.  She’s been living her dream ever since.  I’ll link the video in the show notes.

This is Aimée Cartier and you are listening to the Own Your Intuition show.

I am loving doing this podcast!  This podcast is a result of the eddy—or at least significantly linked to it!  As long as you are following the flow, the current—even if it feels like a circular whirlpool at the time—when it is time, it will end.

I have a friend who told me this summer when we were chatting about our work plans/goals, “Right now, I am resting for what is to come.”  Then this fall, she launched a new app to help nurses and health care providers prevent or recover from work-acquired burnout.  She’s another great example of one who was/is totally in the flow.  Her name is Katelyn Danielle Costley.  I’ll put a link to her website in the show notes. 

Right now, we are in a time period that is calling for MANY changes, on all levels of society.  I feel like I’m talking about that ALL THE TIME these days.  Maybe because I am.  This movement forward doesn’t necessarily appear linear.  It doesn’t always look on the outside as it is on the inside or as it is in the future.  Your appearance in it, your to do list, the ways in which you contribute might not either.  So trust the ways your intuition is guiding you—even if it is not what you thought, or seems “out of order.”  The surest way to get where you are going with ease and grace, whether we are talking on an individual level, or a collective level is to follow earnestly the currents of your life.  When you are in an eddy, BE IN THE EDDY.  When you know you need to do something, but you’re still not clear how it’s all going to work out—do the thing!  When you get the impulse to move something forward that is not needed from you for months—move that thing forward—follow the inner knowing.  It’s ALWAYS steering you right.  When you know you need to rest.  Rest.

You’ve got this!  Really.

Stay tuned— coming up on the Own Your Intuition show in October, I’m going to be diving into the topics of ghosts, spirit guides, and even spirit guide pets!  

Sending you great love in the meantime.

See you soon!


This is Aimée Cartier and you have been listening to the Own Your Intuition show.  

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