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Recognizing your animal and plant spirit guides

October 25, 2022 Aimee Cartier Season 1 Episode 12
Own Your Intuition Show
Recognizing your animal and plant spirit guides
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Did you know that Spirit Guides can come in the form of animals and plants too?  Including, but not limited to, your pets!?  How do you know them? How do they help?  How might you recognize them?  Join me this week as we continue our exploration of our spirit allies, specifically those of the natural world— with true stories and tools to inspire you on today’s Own Your Intuition show.

 Show Notes:

Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals card deck and book by Jamie Sams and David Carson

“The Herbal Astrology Oracle” deck by Adriana Ayales of Animamundi Herbals 

Animamundi Apothecary on Instagram

“The Spirit Animal Oracle” by Colette Baron-Reid 

“Animal Spirit Guides:  An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers” book by Stephen Farmer

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Did you know that Spirit Guides can come in the form of animals and plants too?  Including, but not limited to, your pets!?  How do you know them? How do they help?  How might you recognize them?  Join me this week as we continue our exploration of our spirit allies, specifically those of the natural world— with true stories and tools to inspire you on today’s Own Your Intuition show.

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Do you crave clarity and insight?  Do you sense that your intuition is trying to tell you important things, but you have a hard time trusting it?  Do you want access to your own internal  wisdom, and to understand how it operates so that you can guide your life in ways that are meaningful and satisfying?  

Well then, welcome, I’m glad you are here.

I’m your host, Aimée Cartier.  I’ve been a professional psychic, since around 2007.   I’m the author of the book, “Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life.”  I’ve been teaching others to understand and use their own intuitive and empathic abilities for more than a decade.  

Join me each week for true stories and tools that will inspire you to take seriously, your own inner knowing—that internal sense that you have uniquely tailored to YOU and designed to not only set you on the roads that are best for you but also help you avoid the ones that are treacherous. 

It’s time for you to OWN YOUR INTUITION.


Hi, Welcome.  I’m so glad you are here.  I’d like to start the way I sometimes do with a little shout out to those of you who are reaching out to tell me about the Own Your Intuition shows impact in your life.  Special shout out today to Paget.  After my “Communicating with your Beloved Departeds, i.e. your dead friends and relatives, episode 10” she reached out to me and said, “I LOVED listening to this podcast! Of course I love the Andy references—MOOOOOO! (She says this because she was also a friend of Andy Royer.) But it also resonated with me.  Very soon after my mom passed on, I received signs from her and I have been communicating with her ever since!  Sometimes I think I’m crazy, but it just feels right! So thank you!”  

 You guys these notes make me so happy.  One, I get really excited for all of your beloved departeds who have been trying to say, “Hello! Or I love you! I’m here for you.” For so long—and to think that becoming aware of the ease in which you can communicate with them is making it easier for you to pass their love—this makes me happy!  So thanks for reaching out Paget—and others.  I love hearing from you.  

 Please, keep it coming.  I love your stories—and if you’ve got a question lingering reach out—likely someone else does to, you can be the spoke’s person.  Maybe I’ll answer it on the show.  

 I want to start with a little addendum to last week’s episode.  Remember when I told the story about us winning a boat in a raffle and it being my son’s guides?  Well, my daughter happened to be listening to last week’s episode and she was like, “Mom, WE didn’t win that wave.  XYLUS won that wave.  It was HIS raffle ticket.”  Of course what I said is still true—WE as in our family—won the wave which we turned into a boat for him.  But I think her point was more poignant even.  It wasn’t US it was literally MY SON who won the raffle.  Also, just for the record, I think the guy who won the boat—I think his guides were involved in the deal/suggestion!  But something else, that I think was implied, but maybe I didn’t say it explicitly is how your guides put things in your path that are best for YOU.  Remember how I told you that we would have never discovered my son’s penchant for motorized boats so easily had he not won a boat at age 6?  Well, that’s a good example of your guides looking out for you.  We didn’t know that.  But you can bet my son’s guides knew that this was something he excelled at in both talent and enjoyment—so they were like, “Why wait!? When you can have a boat TODAY!”  In this case, it’s magic that wouldn’t have happened without my son’s guides interventions! 

 Okay, so today, we are continuing our discussion of guides.  Our last episode (for now) on this topic but we’re going to be specifically talking about guides from the natural world—plants and animals.

 Many years ago, before my cats were aged and before I had a family, I would travel with my cats.  If I went on an extended road trip I brought them with me.  Once I went on a several week journey to see girlfriends in Colorado—and so I brought my cats.  I packed the car for the road, put in the cat crate (they had one big one which they shared) and then, before take off, the last thing that went in the car was my cats: Gwydion and Freya.  They never stayed in the crate.  They didn’t like it.  My cat Gwydion would lay right next to me on the driver’s seat, often with his head resting on the car door rest.  Freya would always lay on the floor under my seat.

 My first cat was Freya.  She has always been her own being.  My cats have always been able to come and go as they please.  In every place I lived I had a cat door for them.  Unless we were traveling, they never had a little box either.  They would simply go out their cat door to go to the bathroom.

 This time however, when we got to Colorado we were staying in mountain lion territory.  At the time I was staying there, with my girlfriend Debbie, there were known to be more mountain lions in the canyon where she lived than anywhere else in the states.  So, my cats (and hers—because she had one too) could not be free range.  We kept the backdoor open for them when we were home with them.  But when we left, they had to stay inside.

 My girl, Freya, was about a year and a half at the time, and she had always been a free range cat—her own sovereign being from the first.  She DID NOT like this— us deciding when she could or could not go outside the house business.  

 I think we had been there about a week when one day, as I was leaving Debbie’s house Freya calmly walked me to the door.  She was completely calm and collected, but I could tell she was upset about the arrangement so I was talking to her out loud.

 “This is just temporary.  I know you don’t like it.  But there are too many mountain lions in this area—you can’t go out on your own without us here. I’ll be back, and you can go out when I get back.”  

 She sat down just across from the door.  I reached down and gave her a few strokes then walked the two more steps to the door.  I turned the handle and opened the door.  She was still sitting there—complete calm—but very deliberate in her perch and watching of me—communicating with her body language.  She didn’t make a move to run for the door—but she just calmly and rather stately-ish watched me move my bags to the outside.  She was still watching me, when I turned back to shut the door.

 “I know.  I’m sorry.  I’ll be back.” I said to her and shut the door.

 I was halfway down the 40 (plus) steep steps to the driveway—when I stopped.  Though, she uttered not a single meow—her communication of “I will NOT stand for this,” was SO LOUD to me that I set down my bags.  Without the burden of my sacks, I hiked back up the stairs to double check that the door was completely closed.

 It was.

 I triple checked.

 Closed.  Not going to budge.

Then, ascertaining that the door was not moving—I made my way back down toward my car with a sort of internal “Well-I-guess-it’s-fine-She-can’t-get-out” shrug.

When I returned, Freya was nowhere to be found.  Gwydion, my other cat was there.  So was Debbie’s cat. Pookey.  ALL of the doors had been closed when we returned home.  No window screens were missing.  Still, no Freya.  No sign of her actually.  We looked -- EVERYWHERE.  Under all the beds, in every closet, in every possible nook and cranny.  No sign of her and absolutely no indication of where she might have gone or how she would have gotten there.

It took three days to discover that a small hole had been poked in the corner of a bedroom window.  Small enough for a wiley cat, who was NOT willing to abide by any rules that left her unable to be her own master, to squeeze herself through.

In this particular canyon, at least this part of it, the houses were stacked on top of one another.  Meaning the neighbors house was literally (no exaggeration) about 10 feet away.  If they had their windows open and so did you, you could hear their conversation echoing through like they were in another room of your house. During these three days where we could not find any sign of Freya, one evening the neighbors two dogs were in her yard, when she heard one of them start barking like crazy.  As the neighbor was moving toward her door she saw out of the glass, a large male mountain lion materialize out of the bush, grab her small dog in its mouth and then turn and swiftly disappear back into the mountainside—all before she could even reach the door.

As you can imagine— this didn’t give me a lot of hope for Freya.  (Remember the neighbor’s yard was literally just outside our door too.). When eventually we figured out where she had gotten out—because we hadn’t seen her or heard her AT ALL.  I could only assume that she had also been dinner for the wildcats.  She was a cat who typically came to my call—so when she hadn’t, and we clearly knew the lions were present,  I grieved her.  We spend another week and a half at my girlfriend Debbie’s house.  

The day it was time to depart, I packed up the car.  Then I took a walk to say goodbye again to Freya.  I spoke to her in my mind and shed tears again at her loss wishing her well.

When I got back to the house I packed EVERY LAST BELONGING I had brought with me—except my other cat Gwydion.  The ONLY THING I had left to do was to go up, say good-bye to Debbie and swoop up Gwydion.  As I was turning around to shut the car door to do just that, I heard a tiny meow.

I don’t usually SEE ghosts.  I feel them, I sense them, on occasion I hear them, but I don’t’ usually SEE them.

As I turned around, I literally thought I was seeing a ghost.  My eyes bulged out of my head, my heart probably stopped, and then sped way up.  I was stock still.  I didn’t move toward her at all—because I didn’t think she was real.  I thought I was seeing a ghost!

Then she meowed again and moved toward me.

Her movement (GASP!) shocked me out of my stunnedness.  It was only THEN that I realized, “Oh my god.  It’s Freya.  She’s ALIVE.”

She was scrawny—the kind of scrawny that a cat determined to live by her own rules—feed herself as she could, and forgo a bowl of kibble if it meant she would be detained.

She had clearly be watching me.  I mean, I literally had every last thing except for Gwydion in the car before she showed herself.

When I carried her up in my arms, yelling, “Debbie! You’re NEVER going to believe this.”  For a second also, Debbie thought I had found Freya’s body.  Until she moved!  She was as startled as I was!

Needless to say, I put that scrawny little sovereign in the car and brought her home.  I gave her a middle name, Maeve, which some say is old Irish for, “She who rules.”  

She lived.

She’s still alive!

That isn’t the only time nearly unbelievable way she’s defied the odds to do things her way—or to survive when circumstances were stacked against her.  I could actually tell you probably a handful of startling stories about her!  

In this case, she was quite literally willing to hunt for herself, and take her chances in lion territory rather than have her freedom curbed.  She told me so that day when she calmly walked me to the door.  I heard the message—I just didn’t have any idea of the strength of her determination then or her resourcefulness at gaining what she deemed unwilling to live without.  She is a being determined to be herself— and to go her own way— even if it means going against the herd.  

You may remember now that I am a psychic.  I don’t have to tell you that this is a HUGELY unusual profession!  You should also know, that  though, I would say I do come from a line of psychics—not a one of them, to my knowledge has ever done more than quietly follow their inner impulses: quietly know.   No one in my family is a professional psychic.  

Obviously, I’ve always understood my cat.  In many ways, we are two peas in a pod.  I got the choice she made that time in the mountains.  Even when I thought she was gone.  I also felt it was a noble way to go—food for the wild creatures—a life circle.

In all honesty, now though, she’s likely to die from renal failure, while at our home and I’m SO glad of that too!  That escapade of hers was in 2006!  I’m so grateful she’s been around all of these years.  I’m glad to have her for every moment I do.

This is a long story to say that one of the ways that animals can show up in your collection of Spirit Guides is by being your pet.  Witches have a name for them: familiars.

They are animals that are here to guide and support you in some way.   I think, unwitchy people have them too.

I’ve had two of these.  Freya was my first.  I had another such extraordinary soul of a cat too, Gywdion.

He died two years ago. 

I remember just after he died one of my children’s (very perceptive) friends came over to our house.  When she walked in, she was like, “Are you okay?”

I responded, “No.  I’m not okay.  My cat just died.”

It took him dying for me to realize that he and Freya and I were like an energetic three-legged stool.  Their presence held me up in some way—supported me in big ways.  They’ve been a part of my life since 2005 when I got them a few months apart.  

When I was away from them, they used to show up in my dreams.  

They’ve been with me longer than my children.  Longer than my husband.

Though it’s been two years since Gwydion died, in our house, tears are still shed over missing him regularly.

As my children’s reading teacher, Amy Mercer said, “Gwydion had such a big personality that MANY PEOPLE knew him—even if they never met him.”  My kids talked about him constantly.  

The first story my daughter ever wrote was a story about Gwydion, using a kid driving car toy to drive himself to Fred Meyer and get treats while we were gone for the weekend!

I used to say, “If you have a heartbeat Gwydion loves you.”

Both of my cats have always been extra.  It’s a little hard to actually put it into words—but it is something you (at least I) can feel in their presence.  (I’m sure many people feel this way about their animals—because they ARE special—to them.  But whereas Freya has always been her own being.  Gwydion was ALWAYS 100% lover.  Even when my kids were little he gently taught them how to treat him.  When they were very little and they pulled his hair or were too loud at him, he would just casually get up and walk away.  When he deemed my son old enough, he was a baby toddler- if my son pulled his hair- he would quickly but gently tap him on the hand with his paw but without his claws to tell him no.  When they got older still and he deemed that they should know by now how to treat him he would somehow gently use his claws to deliver the message without actually hurting them— just startling them into recognizing their touches were too rough and that they needed to be gentler.

He was a mountain or a lake in countless games of truck driving for my son—letting my son drive his matchbox trucks all over his furry “mountain” scape.  He was the center of any family game.  When we sat down to play cards or a game, more often than not he gathered around too.  When my kids’ crying went on a little too long, no matter where they were in the house or the yard, you could see Gwydion’s dark grey brindle furr rounding the corner—the skin of his belly swaying with his trotting—out to wherever they were to console.

He had a piece of wood in the yard where he liked to sit to watch my kids jump on our trampoline.  

He was a helper and a love first to me (and my other cat Freya)— and then as more of us came along—to my whole family.

He would actually spoon you—AND lay in bed next to you—throw his arm/paw around your neck and lay with his cheek against yours to go to sleep.  It was his favorite sleeping position—cheek to cheek with me.

When I teach working with your guides to my Own Your Intuition Program students a question that often comes up is, “Can animals and plants be guides?”  

The short answer is “YES! Absolutely!”

Your pets are one easy way that you get extra ethereal help.  Usually, it’s obvious.  They just add so much to your life.  You can tell that they are giving back to you in a thousand ways—it’s one of the ways creation itself takes care of you—by giving you the extra special pets to see you on the way.

This is Aimée Cartier and you are listening to the Own Your Intuition show and today we are talking about Spirit Guides in the form of nature—plants or animals. 

One of the easiest and most obvious this help shows up is in the animals that live with you.

I was talking about Freya and our spirit guide animals the other day with my friend Amelia.  She told me a story about her two spirit guide cats—and she also reminded me that in the modern age—we often refer to these animals as “therapy animals!”  I loved this!  I actually wouldn’t have thought of it—made that connection—and it made me chuckle thinking of how we’ve gone from “familiars” to “therapy animals”—but I suspect in many (or all!) cases we are talking about the same things.

She told me the story of how her second spirit guide cat, Aurora came to her.  She knew she was getting a second cat and one evening she had a gig at a humane society event.  On her way there she had this intuitive understanding that her cat would be there tonight.  It was an evening event so the humane society was actually closed—but they had this group of what they call “ambassador animals” which in this case happened to be a gaggle of kittens.  She described how when she got there all the kittens were milling around acting like kittens—except one.  It was sitting there staring right at her—as if communicating to her—“Yes, it’s me.  You see me?  I am what you think I am (meaning her animal)—do not leave me here.”  She picked up the kitten and it immediately started to purr.  After a bit she set the cat down so that she could go set up what she was doing that evening.  As she was doing so, she heard a commotion behind her.  She didn’t pay much attention to it—but it got louder and louder—when she finally turned around to check in—one of the staff at the humane society was standing in the middle of the stage holding her kitten.  She went over to see what happened.  What she discovered was that as soon as she left—her kitten had used one of the towels to climb out of the box they were in – according to the humane society worker this had never happened before.  In doing so she had led ALL of the kittens right out of the box—so the commotion had been everyone literally trying to herd all these kittens.  The lead kitten was squirming in the staff woman’s arms meowing like crazy.  Amelia said, “Can I hold her?  I think that’s my cat.”  The woman said, “I think it is too.”  Of course, as soon as the kitten, eventually named Aurora, was in Amelia’s arms she melted right into her chest and started purring loudly.

Of course, Amelia took her beloved Aurora home the next day—and she’s been a part of Amelia’s familiars/spirit animal team ever since.

Personally, I find that spirit animals are extraordinary in some way.  There is something—extra—about them.  If you are sensitive to such things you can feel that there is a wiseness about them that goes beyond what is generally found in—to use Amelia’s example—a mewling kitten.  The cat knew.  It was desperate to connect with/go home with Amelia—and it was able and wiling to make darn sure she knew it!

This is extraordinary behavior.  

So, your pets!  Look first to your pets if you are interested in getting more support or even just recognizing the way the spirit world is supporting you through your animal bretheren.  

Sometimes they are your pets.  Sometimes they are not.  Other animals, not just the ones you live and care for can also be your guides.

If you are a person who is naturally very connected with the natural world—be in plants or animals- or landscape—it is HIGHLY likely that you have plants and animal allies among your guide team.  But for anyone, they can show up from time to time as medicine, or a reminder, or with an important message.

How they show up?  They stick out to you.  You feel drawn to them.

I can remember poignantly the moment that I saw a live black panther.  It was in a zoo.  I was in elementary school.  It is lodged in my memory banks forever.  I was standing there looking through a glass wall when I saw it lounging on a tree.  It’s tail hanging below the downed tree, lazily moving to and fro.  It’s sleek black coat shimmered in the light as the powerful cat made tiny movements.  Nothing actually happened in that moment—the animal wasn’t doing anything specific or noteworthy.  But for me, it felt like time stopped.  As I stood there watching that being I felt something.  A kinship if you will.  A resonance, a knowing that I was connected to this animal, (this kind of animal).  I had no words for it.  No one around me spoke of such things—so I kept it to myself.  I had never heard of Spirit Animals for example or animals as guides/medicine/antidote/knowledge bringers.  This is actually the first time I’ve ever mentioned that moment out loud—but it has remained with me since that time.  The image, the feeling, the knowing.  

For years, I felt very connected to jaguars in all their forms.  At one point I acquired a small jaguar stuffie that I had with me for ages.  (Now its among my children’s stuffie collection.)  Also, now that connection has shifted a bit.  I suspect the resonance between this animal and me is still there—but not the most prevalent medicine and connection for me right now—and so it is in the background. 

Different moments call for different medicine or prevalence.  Personally, I think we all have a animals or nature world connections that are symbolic of the traits that exist within us—and we can call on those guides, those animals, those totems, those plants to help fortify us or help us exemplify their qualities.  

This is the Own Your Intuition show with Aimée Cartier and today we are talking about Spirit Guides in the form of nature—plants or animals.  

When I wrote my book, “Getting Answers” at one point I thought how fun it would be to put a short quote from Paulo Cohelo’s book, “The Alchemist” in front of every chapter because I often think of “The Alchemist” like the fiction version of my non-fiction book “Getting Answers.”  In other words, “The Alchemist” is the fictionalized version of what really does happen to us in real life—that we have questions, and WE can get answers.  It’s easy.  Maybe most of us aren’t traveling across a desert on a camel—we’re driving a car to work—but the premise is the same—that what Paolo calls “The Soul of the World” speaks to us all, cares for us all, provides messages, insight, and goodness for us all.

 One of my favorite quotes from “The Alchemist” is this:

"He knew that any given thing on the face of the earth could reveal the history of all things. One could open a book to any page, or look at a person’s hand; one could turn a card, or watch the flight of the birds... whatever the thing observed, one could find a connection with his experience of the moment. Actually, it wasn’t that those things, in themselves, revealed anything at all; it was just that people, looking at what was occurring around them, could find a means of penetration to the Soul of the World. "

He calls it the “Soul of the World.”  It’s how he refers to what feels like a truth to me as well—that the world is a living thing.  To me it looks like—it’s all connected.  We are all woven of the same divine cloth—whether you are speaking of a rock, a wave, a plant, or an animal, or a human being (humans ARE animals though—remember!?). So it makes perfect sense to me that plants and animals can represent or teach you or provide the perfect medicine for what ails you.

 If one, or many are showing up for you, you can ask yourself…

 What does this animal mean to me?

What is it trying to show me?

What do I understand about this?

What can I learn from it?

 Plants can be guides too.  There are whole traditions dedicated to medicinal plants.  

For me, I recognize my medicine plants in the same way I tell my animal guides: I’m drawn to them. 

A few years ago I was visiting Wild Dreams Farm.  It’s the seed farm of my friend and previous student of mine, Jen Williams.  When we got to a patch of her garden I was like, “What is that smell!?”  It was over the top heavenly to me.  She said, “That’s tulsi!” and pointed out the patch.  As I bent down to smell it I’m sure I said something like, “Oh my gosh that is SOOOO GOOD!”  But what was going on internally for me was more akin to– “I want to roll around in here.  I want to lay in here—for hours—without getting up.  I feel like I want to live in this patch of earth for a week—and maybe forever!”  Truly—that’s how I felt.  I had never experienced this plant alive.  It sung to me.  It called to me.  Of course I told Jen as much and we had a little laugh about it.  But that moment is how I knew it was medicine for me.

Chamomile and mugwort are also like that to me.  When I think of them I wish I could exist in a vat of them!  

I try to grow these medicines in my garden.  This year I planted tulsi in a pot right next to my studio and one just outside of our back door near where we eat dinner most summer nights.  While it is still blooming, I eat a few leaves a day.  When I my chamomile didn’t come up—I biked down the road to my friend Rachel’s every week or two to pick from her chamomille flowers so that I could make chamomile oil to use through the winter.  (Rachel taught me how.). 

These plants are a medicine for me.

I’ve heard it said recently that sometimes an herbalist will steep herself in an herb that she is called to—eat it, make oil to use on her body, and even dream with it under her pillow.  Again, this makes sense to me.  If we are all cut from the same cloth—it makes sense to me that certain other aspects of this planet are here to heal us, help us, guide us, inspire us to know the way: our way.  

These helpers can absolutely be a part of nature.

I find like in many circumstances we humans like to overcomplicate things— especially ethereal or magical things because we are trained to believe there must be logic in every equation.  Don’t over complicate it.  Truly, in my experience, most things, especially ethereal things, are FAR SIMPLER than your mind would lead you to believe.  It reminds me of another Paulo quote from, “The Alchemist.”  It goes like this:

“Did you learn anything?” the Englishman asked, eager to hear what it might be.

 “I learned that the world has a soul, and that whoever understands that soul can also understand the language of things.  …

But, above all, I learned that these things are all so simple that they could be written on the surface of an emerald.”

-The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

You’ll know if you are drawn to a plant or an animal.  Follow the pull.  Ask yourself (or it) what it is trying to show you—how it is offering to help or inspire you—or just let yourself love it, like I did with my jaguars for years.  Don’t be surprised if they visit you in dreams—that’s the easiest entry point—especially since most of us are unlikely to “run into” a wild animal during most of our days, even if it has something to teach us.  And unless you happen to be wandering in your friend with Seed Superpower’s garden, you might NOT come across the herbs your body is crying for.  It might just show up as an internal pull or curiosity, or as another student of mine described it— “A feeling of being drawn toward something like an itch that doesn’t go away.”  Follow it.  Scratch that itch, mine the wisdom meant for you.  

I had a student who during her morning meditation would often see animals.  Each time she did, she would tune in or look up in a book she had, or ask herself, “What is important to me about this animal right now?”  She would always find that it was significant to her in some way for that day— for example, it embodied qualities that she would need or would behoove her to amplify or call on in herself at some point in her day.  Because she paid attention to this guidance, when she would get to that part of her day—where she needed some help or was stumped or just noticed a pattern she would find that the animal that had visited her mind that morning had the perfect antidote.  

She had a card deck that she loved called, “The Spirit Animal Oracle” by Colette Baron-Reid.  I personally love the “Medicine Cards” deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  It’s all different mostly North American animal symbols with a Native American essence about it.  I’ll put a link to it in my show notes.  

Just this week I saw a divination deck called, “The Herbal Astrology Oracle” by Adriana Ayales of Anamamundi Herbals.  (I’ll link them and Adriana’s Instagram account in the show notes.). There are other decks too.  If you feel called to get animal oracle cards to understand the animal wisdom—do it!  I haven’t seen it in years, but I do remember really appreciating the work of author, Stephen Farmer and when I came across his work on Animal Spirit Guides in years past.  (Again, I’ll put a link.)  And again move toward what YOU are drawn toward.  

So, in conclusion, the natural world— including animals and plants can be potent spirit allies.  The essence of a plant or animal, what they represent, or what their natural gifts are can provide potent messages to you. If you are someone innately drawn to these things you may have a wide array of natural allies.  I have a student who is like this and the bulk of her spirit guide connection comes through animals and plants.  It’s absolutely natural—for her—and for all of us.  Remember, we are part of the same whole, in my experience.  

The wisdom and the essence of natural phenomenon can be a guiding force for you.  Sometimes they act as symbols for things that you know you need or would serve you.  Sometimes it is literal—like in the case of my tulsi, or chamomile.  Animal and plant allies can be used to gently point you to a particular direction or provide a technique for going about something or to reveal something about yourself or the situation to you.  

I hope knowing this inspires you.  I hope you lean toward your benevolent spirit allies in whatever forms they take.

I’d love to hear who are your current animal or plant guides?  And/or what have they shown you lately.  So please, feel free to reach out—on social media.  I’m on Instagram as @aimeecartier.  On Facebook @intuitionuniversity.  Or shoot me a message through my website.  I read them all!

 In November, which my friends, crazily starts soon! I’m going to be delving into empathic ability.  So if you are like, “what the heck is that— or if you are a person who knows they are empathic—  you are going to want to tune in.  I’ve got some tools and tips for you that will make the holidays as an empathic being a whole lot easier!

Sending big love as always!


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